YOU GUYS. We are officially part of the podcast world and I couldn’t be more excited to share our debut with the lovely Mackenzie of @theheartfelthippie. I was so honored when Mackenzie reached out a few months ago, eager to chat about all things sparklyyyyyy. We got down to the nitty gritty about conflict diamonds, all of the alternative solutions, and our mission to make a positive change on the world. I had such an amazing time getting to chat with her about it all and I cannot wait for you all to finally be able to listen in! Thank you so much to Mackenzie for inviting me to join her. Now grab some coffee (or a vino – no judgments) and listen in.



The Heartfelt Hippie Podcast Episode 23: Enlighten Me on Conflict Diamonds

Ethically sourced. Charitable. Fine jewelry. Those are three things I can get on board with! Saint Mae has been around for less than a year now, but they are making a splash in the diamond industry with their commitment to conscious creations of stunning designs. I first came across Saint Mae on Instagram and gave them a follow because 1) I loved their mission and, 2) the rings are basically the prettiest things I have ever seen. After getting to chat with the founder of the business, Carli, I’m even more on board with what Saint Mae is doing!

In this episode, Carli is educating us on what conflict diamonds really are. Raise your hand if you’ve seen the movie ‘Blood Diamond’ and that’s basically the extent of your knowledge on this topic! Me too, friend, me too. Even if you haven’t seen the movie, Carli is going to shed some light on what takes place in this industry and how diamond mining is harming our world. Did you know that diamond mining is extremely dangerous work taking place in primarily impoverished areas where workers (many of them children!) are exploited on a daily basis? Did you know that diamond mining is devastating our ecosystem because of how much earth has to be extracted to find one small little stone? I didn’t!

Carli is not just shedding light on the issues in the industry, but also on the solutions! I say this in nearly every episode, but it’s true – there are SO many great solutions! Even if you’re not in the market for purchasing a diamond ring anytime soon, chances are you will be at some point in your lifetime and that you know multiple people who will be, too. Here’s your chance to get educated and make a difference by spreading the word! What’s even better is that the solutions that Carli shares are actually more cost effective than traditional diamonds. That’s right – you can help save people, the planet, and cash money when you support companies like Saint Mae. Have I convinced you yet?!

You are going to be empowered, like I hope you always are, after listening to Carli talk about making a difference by voting with your dollar. I couldn’t agree with her more when she says, “We have the power to change the industry.” PREACH! I absolutely loved getting educated by Carli on these topics as well as hearing about how she has grown her business over the past several months. I cannot WAIT to tell my friends about Saint Mae who are getting engaged or hunting for their next piece of fine jewelry! Confession: I have totally shown hubby the Saint Mae page to give him some gift ideas for the future, and I’m not ashamed! I’ve also added Carli’s hand-painted leather jackets to my wish list – check them out and you’ll see why.

If nothing else, make sure you check out the Saint Mae Insta page and give it a follow. Carli’s design skills are off the chain and you’re gonna love scrolling through her dreamy feed. Let us know what you thought of the show by leaving a rating or review on iTunes and by giving us a shout out on the socials! Ready, set, get enlightened!






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