Ethically sourced fine jewelry —with a charitable heart


At Saint Mae, we believe in sustainability and slow fashion. Quality over quantity. Pieces that you will cherish for your lifetime and that will continue to be cherished long after it’s passed down to your loved ones. We’ve made it our mission to create consciously while providing you with unique and affordable pieces you’ll love.

Ethically & Sustainably Sourced

Let’s face it – we’ve got high standards. We go above and beyond in pursuing the highest ethical and socially responsible standards for all of the diamonds and gemstones that are used in each of our pieces. We’re also a part of the Eco-Packaging Alliance for our product packaging. Whenever we order packaging that is used to ship your orders out, a tree is planted in an area of need.

Because we’re a small shop, we get to work super intimately on every project that comes through the door – from start to finish. We pride ourselves in the fact that all of our pieces are made to order so there’s no mass-manufacturing, factories or inventory going to waste.

We’re on a mission to do better. We choose to work exclusively with a handful of trusted suppliers who we get to know personally. This way, we can ensure the highest of standards on the origins of our materials and provide you with pieces that we’re proud of.

One of a Kind Designs at an Honest Price

Ahh, the dreaded jewelry store markup. Did you know that traditional jewelry brands tack on a 20-30 x markup to their prices? Not to mention the 300 – 400% markup retailers add on top of that. No wonder fine jewelry is no longer accessible. And to top it off, you’re paying top dollar for designs that you’ve seen 10000 times.

We’re shakin’ things up by selling our pieces directly to you and crafting designs that are one of a kind and uniquely you. This means we don’t need to charge you an insane markup to cover overhead costs and can instead offer you super unique pieces at transparent and fair prices. We call that a win win.

Charitable at Heart

 Giving back is at the core of who we are at Saint Mae – and we are committed to continuing that mission and partnering with like minded companies who are working to make this world a better place for all.

We’re passionate about creating consciously and bringing positive change to the world in any way we can. For every product sold, we give a percentage to one of the programs below who are working to help others around the world.


We’re proud to partner with the following organizations.  Learn More

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