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the truth about diamonds

Because of great marketing tactics, when you think of diamonds, you think of love. Unfortunately, most of the public doesn’t know the other side of what these diamonds actually symbolize.  Traditional earth-mined diamonds fund civil wars, violence, worker exploitation,  and unspeakable human suffering.

But it doesn’t stop there. Due to a weak regulation of the industry, diamond mining has also caused environmental devastation, severely damaging the land and water – creating irreversible damage to ecosystems.

The good news? We have the power to make a change. You have the choice to buy ethically and we challenge you to join in the revolution.

the facts

3 Million

Deaths are attributed to conflict diamond mining

$23 Million

Of conflict diamonds smuggled in from the Ivory Coast annually


Average daily pay for a conflict diamond worker


Of miners were between the ages of 5 and 16


Of global diamond jewelry sales are from the USA

100 million

People in the USA own at least one earth-mined diamond

“No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.”

the saint mae difference

At Saint Mae, we want you to #shoplikeyougiveaf💎ck. We believe in sustainability and slow fashion. Quality over quantity. Pieces that you will cherish for your lifetime and that will continue to be cherished long after its passed down to your loved ones. We’ve made it our mission to create consciously while providing you with unique and affordable pieces you’ll love.


We only offer conflict free, lab-grown, vintage, or alternative stones for our pieces

Fairly Priced

We sell direct to you so we can remove the traditional 10x mark up


Every product sold gives a percentage to programs that are working to help others around the world


We’re proud to partner with the following organizations.  Learn More

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